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STA Newsletter – Snow White and Dogfight Prep

Last Week

The last week has had a number of fantastic A Cappella performances in the Winston, plus a Devised Show in the Pegg. Lots of money was raised for charity, and a number of new members (who joined the STA at the start of the year) worked hard and used all they had learned to put on some great performances.

This Week

There is much going on this week!

Current Shows

On in the Pegg is Dogfight, a music by MTB – the get-in will be at the start of the week (primarily Sunday), with shows at the end. Contact [email protected] for more details.

Dogfight Schedule*

Tuesday from 5pm – finish plot and run tech

Wednesday – dress at 1pm, followed by fix time

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – performances

In the Winston is PantoSoc’s Snow White. This week will be the get-in, with lots of rigging and building to be undertaken. Contact [email protected] for more details.

Snow White Schedule*

Tuesday from 5pm:

  • Rig Lights FOH
  • Build mirror truck
  • Paint cottage flats
  • Wednesday from 1pm:
  • Build cottage truck
  • Paint dungeon flats

Thursday from 5pm:

  • Focus Lights
  • Build bar
  • Build columns

Friday from 5pm:

  • Rig and focus hired lighting kit
  • Build cauldron stand
  • Build silhouette trees
  • Build breakable bench

Saturday from 10am:

  • Plot lighting
  • Build hanging beam
  • Other fixing

Sunday 11am:

  • Tech

*note that schedules are liable to change slightly if certain tasks take more or less time than expected

Dance Show Lighting Meeting

There will be a meeting at 14:00 on Wednesday to discuss lighting for Dance Show. There will be around 30 dances to light, so come along if you’re interested in helping make this show look gorgeous.