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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in the STA, but if you are at all interested please join our mailing list, this will ensure you receive (infrequent) updates about our current shows and other going-ons so you can get involved.

Membership to the STA is completely free! It doesn’t matter if you’d like to spend the odd evening with us, or dedicate the best part of the week – we love having everyone involved and there’s always stuff to do.

1. Subscribe to our Mailing List

We publish a kind-of-weekly newsletter detailing the weeks activities and opportunities to get involved in our newsletter. If you do one thing, subscribe to this to stay in the loop!

2. Join as a member on Bristol SU

Visit the Bristol SU society page and sign up as a free member

3. Come along

We hold a training week at the start of each year, where we give you the information and training to get stuck in with us – watch our newsletter and social media for news on this. If you missed this, just pop along during a show’s get-in and we can get you up to speed!

Once you have had your intro talk you can get stuck in! Come along to our get-in’s where we get theatre to the state needed for the show, including rigging light, building set and setting up microphones – no need to book, just turn up!

If you want to be involved more formally, once you have gained some experience with us you can get crewed on a show in assistant, and eventually chief, roles. Keep your eyes on newsletters for details of these or speak to a member of the crew.

Make sure to also follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook, and subscribe on Youtube!

Ways to get further involved

There are a few other ways to get involved with the STA, including supporting our committee or web presence.

Our committee runs our society and have a large part in the management of the theatres within Bristol SU. All members of the STA are welcome at committee meetings, and every member gets an equal vote. Our mailing list will contain the date of our next meetings (which occur weekly during term time).

The STA also has a small team that develops and runs, the ticket selling platform that our shows in the Winston and Pegg Theatre use to sell tickets. The platform is developed from scratch completely by our members. We are always looking for developers to aid with the coding, or ticket admins to help customers in their time of need; as with everything STA, we don’t ask you to commit a minimum time, just to help our where possible. Email [email protected] if you’re interested.

Contact the Production Team

Want to get involved with a specific show? Each show has an email address that will get sent to all of the involved crew.

Shows TBC

No email address listed for a show of interest? Contact [email protected] for more information!