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Equipment Hire

When you don’t want a full STA crew we are able to hire out some of our equipment for you to use at your own event. Please feel free to contact us for any advice or to inquire at [email protected]

Live Music, PAs and Discos

We can provide audio and disco equipment for a wide range of events, we have previously hired equipment for open mic nights, society balls and JCR events.

We can provide the following for your event:

  • Speakers, stands, and amps
  • Microphones, cable, and sound desks
  • Disco lighting packages

Pop-up Theatres

We frequently provide equipment that can turn almost any room into a professional looking pop-up theatre, including drapes, lights, set and audio equipment. Our most common items include:

  • Theatrical lighting with stands
  • Sound equipment
  • Drapes and staging

We can also provide set and stage items, such as:

  • Tables, chairs, chaise lounge, doors, and more
  • Theatrical flats
  • Stage braces and weights

All hires are subject to the STA Hire Terms and Conditions