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End of Term and AGM

Hello STA!

AGM Minutes

Thanks to everyone who turned up to last week’s AGM! We remained quorate throughout, and had discussions ranging from how to pronounce Kat’s surname (answer: Dap-Ray) to whether I should add chemistry puns into all these newsletters (I probably shouldn’t, it’d quickly get boron). There was some serious stuff too of course, including discussions about the Union’s Balloon Accreditation Scheme and on a proposed new committee role of ‘Welfare Rep’. All that is detailed here! Also, if you just want to know the results without wading through all the discussions, there is a summary document available here too.

New Committee!

Last week’s AGM elected in a new batch of officers to the STA committee:

  • President: Nick Caddy
  • Vice President: Harriet Fieldhouse
  • Secretary: Fred Cascarini
  • Treasurer: Greg Quick
  • Training Manager: Kat Dapré
  • Workshop & Equipment Managers: Dan Board & Ruth Steinman
  • Webmasters: Ak Khalil & Paul Chirculescu
  • Publicity Officer: Connor Davis
  • Social Secretary: Rachael Stentiford

There is now a document on the drive here with all the current members of the committee and how to get hold of them if you ever need to!

Next Term…

Whilst the third term might be a quiet one for shows, that doesn’t mean the STA shuts down entirely- especially this year.

After recent events (details of which are in the AGM minutes if you still haven’t heard about them), the Union is wanting to work with us to work on improving the STA. This will probably include quite a few meetings with between the Union and, at least, committee members- all other members will be welcome to attend if they wish. There will be a lot of discussion about changes going on, all leading up to another general meeting at some point next term.

Whilst all this is happening we’ll continue to have our weekly committee meetings. Those of you who can afford to do so, please come along! In particular they’ll be an important way of getting information on how stuff is proceeding with the union, and in getting your views heard as to any new ideas you might have or thoughts on what is happening. This may well be something that’ll shape the STA for the next few years, so the more input we can get on this the better!

As such, Nick has put together a doodle poll to find out when the best timing would be to hold our first committee meeting after the Easter break- the link’s here. Please do fill out your availability when you know, and come along if you can! The meeting is not going to be all about stuff with the union- there’s an open submission document for the agenda, where you can add anything you feel would be worth discussing to this document and it’ll be brought up in committee.

And Finally….

Undergrad’s holidays to a PhD student:

q2q comics

I know you’ll actually all be ‘busy’ ‘revising’…