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STA Newsletter – BOpSFest Preparation

Last week was training week – hopefully everybody who attended any of the sessions found it interesting and learned something new. If you have any feedback or thoughts on additional sessions that should be run, contact [email protected] and Tom (our Training Manager) will work to make future training sessions even better!

Happening now is BOpSFest, where BOpS (Bristol Operatic Society) are putting on a pair of operas. This week is the build week for both performances, where we’ll be in the Winston Theatre from 17:15 each evening (13:15 on Wednesday and possibly middayish at the weekend) preparing for these shows. Here’s a full schedule for the week!

  • Monday

    • Onstage Rigging

    • Installing Ivy

    • Painting Giant Mushrooms

  • Tuesday

    • Rigging Front of House & Side Booms

    • Painting the Flats

    • Building a Fountain

  • Wednesday

    • Finishing Rigging and Desk Patching

    • Constructing the Flats

    • Building the Archway

    • Painting the Archway

    • Painting the Fountain

  • Thursday

    • Focussing

    • Building the Bridge

  • Friday

    • Focussing

    • Building the Cave

  • Saturday:

    • Constructing the Bench

    • Constructing the Lamp Post

    • Painting the Cave

    • Lighting Finishing Touches

  • Sunday

    • Painting the Bench

    • Painting the Lamp Post

    • Lighting Finishing Touches

If anything here sounds up your street, feel free to come along. It’s fine if you’ve not done anything before – there’ll be someone around to help guide you.