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STA Newsletter – Maintenance Week and more

On this day 9 years ago, Cursed_You reached level 99 Construction. You too could learn to be a master carpenter by coming along and helping out with the Winston Maintenance Week, the first of the exciting things in this week’s STA Newsletter! 😀

Winston Maintenance Week

Yes, it’s here, a week with no shows where we can step back and fix the Winston Theatre, solving all those small issues that have been getting in the way since January. There are things to be built, things to be learned, and a theatre to fix.

Come along to the Winston Theatre at any time from now until Friday, 10am to 10pm, and help out with whatever takes your fancy!

Timeframe too broad? Turn up at 2pm on Sunday and there’ll be friendly faces around to introduce you to the theatre and something fun to do (the schedule for the week has other particularly enjoyable things to do at other times, though beyond Sunday times will slip and all that jazz).


Yes, it’s the STA Summer BBQ. The BBQ will be on Thursday from 4pm, and there will be much food. There will be sausages. There will be burgers. There will be potato salad. Coleslaw, however, will be prohibited.

We’ll meet at the Union at 4pm, before moving elsewhere to cook food, eat food, and responsibly consume alcohol.


Thanks to all who came along to the crewing meeting on Monday. It was great to see so many people there, and it’s sure to be a wonderful year of fantastic shows.

If you’re interested in helping out with any particular shows, check out our list of shows. This has dates, venues and email addresses to get in contact with the crew for each production.

Also check out (and subscribe to!) our calendar for an alternative view of what’s currently planned for the next year. Even the BBQ is listed!