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STA Newsletter – BBQ Crewing and Maintenance

Hopefully exams are going well, and you don’t have too many left this coming week! To add some light into the otherwise bleak land of revision, here’s the STA newsletter! 😀

Crewing Meeting

On Monday 1st June at 19:30 in the Pegg Theatre (new location) will be the main crewing meeting for 2015-16 shows. We’ll be allocating crew for all of the shows in the autumn term, as well as some of the shows from Christmas to Easter. If you’re interested in being the set designer for Sweeney Todd, managing the explosive madness that is the Christmas Panto, or taking on some other interesting and varied role, be sure to come along.

Never done anything backstage in the theatre before? Come along, take on responsibility for something later in the year, and between now and then we’ll do many things to ensure you gain the skills you need, while having fun along the way.

The available roles (they vary based on show, and are each more complex than conveyed in these bullet points) are:

  • Stage Manager (SM) – organises meetings and many other things before the show week, then in charge of anything that happens on the stage once the production moves into the theatre

  • Deputy Stage Manager (DSM) – runs the technical rehearsal, and when a performance is happening tells the rest of the technical team when to do what they have to do

  • Set Designer – as you might expect, they design the set

  • Lead Carpenter – they are in charge of taking what the set designer has come up with, and using a range of materials to turn it into something that works safely on stage

  • Lighting Designer (LD) – they design the lighting, while understanding that actors will frequently stand outside the light that illuminates them, adjusting their plans accordingly

  • Chief Electrician (CLX) – in charge of taking the plans from the lighting designers, and making it a reality with lights, cables and electricity

  • Sound Engineer – ensures that you can hear the actors when they speak quietly, and sound effects are played at the correct time

Smaller shows may combine several roles into one, while other shows will have multiple people fulfilling particular roles.

The shows to be crewed are:

  • In the Winston Theatre:

    • Dramsoc, TRASh, 5th-18th October

    • Spotlights, 26th October-1st November

    • BOpS, BOpSfest – Acis and Galatea / Iolanthe, 2nd-8th November

    • Revunions/Suspensions, 23rd-29th November

    • PantoSoc, Christmas Panto, 30th November-13th December

    • Dramsoc, 25th January-7th February

    • MTB, West Side Story, 8th-28th February

    • BOpS, Sweeney Todd, 29th February-20th March

  • In the Pegg Theatre:

    • Revunions, 16th-22nd November

    • Spotlights, 23rd-29th November

    • MTB, Dogfight, 30th November-6th December

  • In the Anson Rooms

    • DanceSoc, Dance Show, 25th February-6th March

Combine the many roles with the range of shows, and there are plenty of ways to get involved. All of them are enjoyable and will allow you to learn new skills. Also, there may be cake*.


There will be a BBQ. There will be more details soon. Since it is a BBQ, there will probably not be cake. There will, however, be food that is not cake. Some of this will have been cooked on a BBQ.

Maintenance Week

We will be in the Winston Theatre from 6th-12th June to make things all wonderful. If you’re looking for something to do between exams and starting an internship where you sit in an office for 3 months, come along and have an active week where you do things that are fun, productive and involve power tools. Like an office, they will mostly be inside. As such, if you wish to spend time outside in the summer sun, regular trips to Sainsburys or Tesco will be a useful task of great benefit to those in the theatre! 😛

Hope to see you soon!

*there may not be cake. The cake may be a lie. Yes, it’s 2007.