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STA Newsletter – Lots of Shows


It’s busy in the world of the STA, with lots of shows going on. As such, here’s an overview of what’s happening over the next week or so.

  • Dance Show – we’re part way through the get in for DanceSoc’s annual show, with lots and lots of lighting to work on, as well as some interesting staging. If you’re at all interested in lighting (or good sound systems), email [email protected] for more information or pop along to the Anson Rooms to help out (there will be crew around from around midday every day through to Monday, then from 5pm Tuesday onwards). There will be pyrotechnics!
  • Sweeney Todd – pre-preparation is underway on some of the special effects to be used during this performance. The get-in will start in the Winston on Monday evening and go on throughout next week. There’s lots of building and decorating to do here! Email [email protected] for more information.
  • West Side Story – we’re almost half way through this sell out run, with 3 more performances to go, followed by the get-out on Sunday. [email protected] is the email address here.

Hopefully something here sounds fun – there really is a huge variety of things happening.