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STA EGM Information

It’s once again time for the STA to have an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting). At this meeting we will be electing new persons to the committee, having fun*, and passing policy to improve the society.

Time 17:30-19:30

Date Tuesday 15th December 2015

Place Gromit Room, 4th Floor, Bristol SU, Richmond Building, 105 Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1LN

Open Committee Positions

There are 4 committee positions that are open to nominations.

  • New Members’ Representative (NMR)

  • 3 x Non-Portfolio Officer (NPO)

The NMR represents the views of members who are new to the STA and is responsible for helping make the society an even more welcoming, friendly, loving and caring place than is already is. <3

The NPOs are there to help out other committee members when they require assistance. It is a great position to run for if you are considering running for other committee positions in the future.

How to Nominate

Nominations for positions can be made either in writing or by emailing [email protected]. Nominations must be received at least 1 day prior to the meeting, that is to say they have to be received on Monday 14th December 2014 or earlier.


As well as voting in committee members, the EGM is an opportunity to enact constitutional amendments. As such, motions to change the constitution (or other STA policy) may be submitted for discussion and voting. These may be submitted by emailing [email protected]. The deadline for motions is the same as for committee nominations.

Any Queries

If you have any queries regarding the EGM please contact [email protected] and a response will be provided asap.

* “having fun” will be compulsory during all sections of the meeting and not a specific item on the agenda