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STA Newsletter – Maintenance Week and Revunions

Last Week – Opera

The fortnight of opera is now over, culminating with a standing ovation on Saturday night. A huge congratulations to all involved!

This Week

This week there are things happening in both the Winston and Pegg.

Winston Activities – Maintenance Week

In the Winston is Maintenance Week. We are undertaking a range of maintenance activities over this week that we’d like help with. The more people that want to come and help, the better our next term will be 😀

In terms of what’s happening, there is a document at with all the planned activities, along with who is leading each task.

Pop in and get stuck in – the document will be being updated throughout the week.

Pegg Activities – Revunions

In the Pegg is a series of sketch comedy performances by Revunions. Here we will be putting up a fairly simple lighting rig with a couple of sparkles, then running several shows that are bound to be rather funny.

Contact [email protected] for more detailed information about what’s happening with this show.

Christmas Meal
Could all members who wish to attend the Christmas meal fill in this doodle to show your when you can attend.