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STA Training Week

Next week (26th Oct – 1st Nov) will be the inaugural, shiny, new, frankly incredible Bristol STA training week.

We have a number of sessions on the agenda. Specifically five:

  • An introductory talk about all things stage and health and safety. Nobody’s going to pretend this will be particularly exciting, but it’s a necessary tick in the box that you need to have before becoming qualified.
  • Basic and advanced sound engineer training. The basic course will cover everything you need to know about setting up a PA, while the advanced course will dive deeper into the specifics of operating the GLD mixing desk.
  • Basic and advanced lighting training. Similar to the sound, the basic course will cover the foundations of lighting design, along with how to go about getting a working rig in the ceiling. The advanced session will consist of learning to operate the ETC ion lighting desk.

Several members have already agreed to run these sessions, so now all that remains is a bit of scheduling. If you’d like to attend, please fill in this doodle ( with the times you can make. Please note, the times on here don’t necessarily represent the length of each event. We’re just trying to gauge when people are free!

An actual timetable of events will be available nearer to the time, and remember that these events are open to all members.