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STA Newsletter – It’s Showtime!

It’s showtime!

Yes, after almost a fortnight of preparations in the theatre and much design over the previous few weeks, we are finally here. Thanks to everybody’s help, TRASh is looking wonderful and is ready to open tonight to a large audience. But we’re not done yet!

With a show comes set and with set comes a need for people to help out. As such, any help you can provide either today, tomorrow or Saturday evening will be much appreciated. If you turn up for 18:00 there will be a briefing on set changes, plus key transitions will be practised to help smooth them out before the performance.

There will also be opportunities to operate the lighting desk during each performance, so be sure to mention this if you’re interested in this aspect of running a show.

After the performances will be the get-out on Sunday. Assistance in clearing the theatre from around 2pm will be super helpful, and let you experience this vital part of running a show.

Hope to see you later! 🙂