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STA Crewing Meeting

The preparation for TRASh is under way, with everything starting to come together. Thanks to everyone who came to help out yesterday – hopefully the taste of the theatre has left you wanting more. To help fulfil this need, our first crewing meeting of the year is happening!

The crewing meeting will be from 13:15-14:00 Wednesday 7th October in the Winston Theatre. In this meeting we will be allocating lead crew for a number of shows throughout the year.

Can’t make it? Email [email protected] stating which roles you are interested in, and we’ll do our best to crew you in positions of interest!

What are Lead Crew?

Lead crew are the individuals in charge of running a show. They develop it through a number of production meetings in the run up to the show. They lead the design and determine the implementation details of how it will all work. They then take charge during the show slot to make everything happen.

If this sounds a bit intimidating at present, but it still appeals, there are options!

The first is that you can take on responsibilities for a show later in the year. By helping out on shows between now and then, you’ll gain many of the skills required and it’ll be a far simpler task than it currently seems

Secondly, if you are not qualified as a particular role (we have a formal training scheme!), you will be allocated a supervisor who is. They will be able to support your development, answer questions, and generally help you make the show wonderful.

What are the Roles?

A short overview of the roles being crewed:


  • Stage Manager – the all-powerful individual in charge of everything, and leads anything happening on stage
  • Deputy Stage Manager – runs the plot and technical rehearsal, then calls the show
  • Set Designer – as you may guess, they design the set
  • Lighting Designer – similarly descriptive, they design the lights
  • Chief Electrician – in charge of working out how to turn the lighting design into a physical thing that works, additionally does the lighting design where a separate designer is not crewed
  • Sound – manages anything inanimate that makes a noise

Shows and Roles to Crew

With that out of the way, the shows and roles that we will be crewing in this meeting…

Pegg Theatre

Revunions, 16th-22nd November – Stage Manager

Spotlights, 23rd-29th November – Stage Manager, Chief Electrician, Sound

Winston Theatre

Pantosoc (Snow White), 30th November-13th December – Lighting Designer

Revunions and Suspensions, 23rd-29th November – Stage Manager

Dramsoc, 25th January-7th February – Stage Manager, Set Designer, Lighting Designer, Sound

BOpS (Sweeney Todd), 29th February-20th March – Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Sound

Anson Rooms

Dance Show, 21st February-6th March – Stage Manager, Sound

Hopefully something here will be of interest, and that you’ll be able to spend the next few months working as part of a fantastic team to put on something spectacular! 😀