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STA Newsletter – The First Major Show of the Year

Thanks to all who came along to our Open Evenings on Tuesday and Thursday. Whether you turned up for a short period at some point, for the entirety of both evenings, or somewhere in between, we hope you enjoyed yourself and learned a fair bit in the process.

If you have any feedback about these evenings, please get in touch – it’d be great to know what worked wonderfully, and what was less wonderful, so that such evenings can be even better in the future!

As stated previously, our first major show of the year is TRASh. This is an annual show run by Dramsoc which takes a short piece from each of the past 8 decades and combines them to form a full-length production. As such, there’s much to do, much to learn, and much fun to be had.

There are 8 sets to build. There are around 140 lighting fixtures to be rigged and focused. There are many monies in the tech budget. There are 6 days to prepare, 5 days to tweak, and 3 days to perform. There is an unlimited amount of fun to be had.

Come along to the Winston Theatre from midday tomorrow (Sunday), 13:30 on Wednesday, or 17:30 any other day this coming week and help turn the production into the gigantic masterpiece that it can be. Throughout these periods there will be experienced STA members around to help guide you in your development and teach you a range of new skills – it doesn’t matter if you’ve never entered a theatre before (of course, it’s great if you have, but by no means required!).

If you have any particular queries about the show, send an email to [email protected].

Looking forward to seeing you during TRASh.